To provide customers with industrial partners complete interconnect solutions

HongRiDa Electronics(HRD) was founded in 2003,  the headquarters is based in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, which contain subsidiary company of Dongtai Runtian, Kunshan Hanjiang and South Korea office.

  Now the company mainly manufacture the connector of Mobile phone and extended to cars, computer, consumer electronics, MIM process,  the connector mainly include Battery holder, SIM&T card, USB, Type C, FPC (ZIF), BTB, RF ,Antenna shrapnel, Shield,  SIM Tray etc., HRD have MIM process and can manufacture all kinds of parts and module of MIM.

   The company  has very complete  process, which include  product design, mould design, automachine design , mould processing, stamping, plating, injecting, assembly etc. 


Application field

Mobile phone precision connector
Computer precision connector
Automotive connector
MIM precision components
Hardware parts processing
Metal surface treatment

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